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About Our Plants

Hand Dug to Order

Many of the plants at the Kinney Gardens are for sale. We buy in a small number of container plants for retail sales, but the vast majority of our plants are grown from cuttings or seed on site. Native woody and herbaceous plants that seed in are allowed to grow, and some of this material is available as well. Much of the garden is under the canopy of native trees, resulting in stratified, tiered forms. Pruning is minimal. We are committed to preserving biodiversity, so no insecticides or fertilizers are used. Plants sold range from a few to 75 years old. All plants are dug, balled and burlapped by hand. Plants are dug March through November. 

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Mikado & Rose Greeley azaleas

Landscape by : Gilpin / Byleckie

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Mix of kaemferi x obtusum cultivars

Landscape by : Gilpin / Byleckie

Elizabeth Kinney + pink R. x mucronulatum 


R. kaemferi 'Smoky' + 'Cavalier', Palestrina azaleas


Gibralter Azalea


R. periclymenoides


Exbury Mix

Late May


Pink R. kuisianum + Purpureum Elegans rhody

Early June


R. occidentale seedling


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Black swallowtail on R. prunifolium


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